Cranchi A44 Luxury Tender

A44 Luxury Tender
Outside Qatar

Cranchi A44 Luxury Tender

In the new season Cranchi Yachts is preparing to present an innovative project in the segment between 40 and 50 feet. Once again it is a yacht that makes its own category: the A44 Luxury Tender is a large luxury tender with unusual and distinctive characteristics that make it ideal also as a dayboat or express cruiser.

The A44 Luxury Tender exalts the fundamental principle of walk-arounds: total freedom of movement without obstacles around the central elements of the cockpit which for this yacht are the large aft sundeck and the sporty pilot console with triple seat in the center of the boat. Whether you use it for a transfer, a day trip or for a longer cruise, this freedom of movement offers practicality, comfort and a sense of pleasure. Aesthetic qualities are confirmed by the design choices that favour soft lines and draw large surfaces and generous dimensions.

The cockpit looks like a large open space in which some winning features stand out. Starting with the beautiful hard top that completes the elegant line of the windscreen. From a perceptive point of view it is truly unique how this element of the superstructure appears light when compared to the lines of the hull and at the same time capable of giving character and more personality. The hard top offers  protection and shelter from the sun at the console and above all in living area which can thus be experienced at any time of the day, always with maximum freedom: the rigid roof in fact opens in seconds with a blade system derived from the highest range yachts. At the bow there is a second sundeck which, thanks to a configuration that recalls the classic Portuguese bridge, proves perfect as an additional seat.

But the most surprising element is discovered at the aft in the area dominated by the large sundeck. At the end of the boat, in fact, there are two side that can be instantly opened with a servo-electric mechanism to consistently enlarge the walkable surface of the cockpit, thus creating an additional projecting area on the water, in complete continuity with the cockpit flooring and well connected with the platform, which can also be moved in the up and down direction and in the transverse direction. The A44 Luxury Tender thus offers its guests a real terrace overlooking the sea; a perfect place for relaxation, fun, sunbathing and diving into the waves.

Under the aft sundeck there is a garage that can accommodate a tender up to two meters in length and the swimming platform with double movement proves to be very useful for facilitating the launching and re-entry of the tender.

Length 45.1 feet
Beam 4,29 m / 14 ft 1in
Fuel Capacity 1500 l
Water capacity 300 l