Cranchi E26 Classic

E26 Classic
Outside Qatar

Cranchi E26 Classic

The E26 Classic is a sporty 8 metre day cruiser, with a unique and sophisticated style: a perfect balance between vintage and contemporary essentiality.

The unique style of this model does not make it any less versatile. Contrarily, the E26 Classic can be both the perfect day cruiser and luxury tender.

The E26 Classic is a noble yacht, as could be expected from a boat building company with a history as important as Cranchi’s. She’s also a high performing boat, built using innovative manufacturing methods which skilfully combine natural and technological materials. This model is adapted to off-shore sailing as well as navigation at sea and requires minimum maintenance, even after an entire season on the water.

From the same concept that inspired the E26 Classic, the E26 Rider is born: a bowrider with an outboard engine, ideal as a tender to serve a larger yacht or villa or for day trips: it’s up to you.

Length 25.9 feet
Beam 2,49 m / 8 ft 2 in approx
Draft 1 m / 3 ft 3,4 inch in approx
Passengers and weight (cat. B) 10 (1 030 kg / 2 270 lbs)
Passengers and weight (cat. C) 12 (1 180 kg / 2 601 lbs)
Engines (Options) Benzina - Volvo Penta - V6-280 / 280 HP / 206 kW
Engines (Options) Petrol - Volvo Penta - V8-350 / 350 HP / 258 kW
Engines (Options) Diesel - Volvo Penta - D4 / 270 HP / 199 kW
Fuel Capacity 270 l / 60 UK gals approx. / 71 US gals approx.
Water capacity 70 l / 16 UK gals approx. / 19 US gals approx.