Silvercraft Boats


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Silvercraft specializes in center console fishing boats and family cruisers. Designed with structural reliability and safety as a priority, the brand’s models have a remarkable track record. 

The Silvercraft range was first introduced in 2008 to represent and group the wide and diverse series of smaller cruiser fishing boats and family cruisers manufactured by Gulf Craft.

The impressive Silvercraft 36 HT is one of Silvercraft’s finest models, featuring brilliant finishes and an ocean-going hull that has been improved for the high seas.

The most in-demand fishing boats that have their own unique features are the Silvercraft 48HT and Silvercraft 36CC models under the Silvercraft brand by Gulf Craft.

The Silvercraft 31 HT is sleek looking recreational boat with its polished white appeal. It is engineered to be an ideal small fishing boat for sale for exclusive family days out on the sea and fishing trips.